1. Linking from different domains

After the design phase, Domain Validation (DA) is calculated according to the number and quality of the links to your site as well as other factors such as domain life and the number of received signals from social networks. And provided by moz . For example, if you have an inbound domain of 100, its worth is less than when there are 50 inbound links from 50 different domains, which means that many sites have linked to your website and the site You are interested in many sites that have given links that will indirectly help increase your website's credibility (of course, in addition to factoring in the quality of links and other factors).

2 Rating moz rank: moz

The moz rating is a website based on its link profile and ranges from 0 to 10, which is a higher ranking. The moz rating depends on the quality of the input links to your site, that is, if your site has a few high-quality, high-quality links, its value is greater than having many low-quality input links.

  1. Buy Traffic or not?

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  1. Trust Moztrust: moz

Moztrust is like the moz rating, but it focuses on the proximity and relevance of your site with valid links. Moztrust examines how connections and connections to networks of reputable websites link to you. It is in your favor if the website that links you to other valid web sites also benefits you.

Suppose that site A links to this article on domain credentials in its blog post, and links to other authoritative sites such as an educational site or search engine magazine, which increases the ranking of this website in Moztrust. To be

  1. Content Quality Content

Quality is the key to any ranking in the SEO world. When you write and upload quality content, you tend to be ranked higher because more people will link to your quality content. And this means that your credit will be increased indirectly and ultimately your domain credibility will increase.


  1. Social networking signals

This item is also one of the factors associated with increasing the credibility of your domain. Social networking signals mean that the total number of sharing and liking your articles on the social networking platform is.

From this point of view: When people share your content on social networks, they mean they enjoyed an article that was useful to them, which means that your site should be viewed as a Reference should be considered.

  1. A friend of the search engines

with SEO, your site will be seen more often in the search engine results, which means that more people will read it and your credit will increase.

At the end of this article, we recommend that the above is very important and if you intend to design the site Have a look at all the things for your site. Buy website traffic to put a "spring" in your business goals!  We can help you increase visibility in the marketplace and generate results!


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