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I spent the last ten years setting up and running the company. The main part of our strategy is to build an online profile on Google, as well as maintain the company's link on the organic search page across Canada with keyword. Our link in the US is on page 2

The user visits your website, read some of the content, stores the information in his mind, and then goes to another website.

You can have targeted organic traffic. In Google's opinion, organic traffic is also good, but ultimately, organic traffic is not as profitable as traffic jams.

Last month, Google has made changes to its search algorithm in favor of local searches. So, we must work to defend our first place. you too

Although the success of a small organization in defeating large educational institutions with multi-million-dollar marketing budgets in different cities may be fantastic, the question is, what can you learn from what?

You do not need a huge budget to overcome big companies. While search engine optimization is still effective, what really matters is the optimization of the user experience. For example, it's important for visitors to visit our website between 1:30 and 5:45 minutes. It is important to spend time on the page as well as reviewing its contents. They click on links and sections and read blogs. Interestingly, one of the most engaging pages on our website is the Page Team.

While we've been working on organic or natural traffic for the past ten years, but would you like to know the key to success? Money traffic is far better

In fact, we are increasingly seeing a decline in profits from organic traffic. but why?

What do you do when you search for something in Google and by ignoring the ads directly to an organic result? You are researching. Psychologically, you are not ready to share credit card information, email, name, phone number, and other information. Instead, it's just looking to gather information for future decisions

If you have a lot of organic traffic, you can still turn it into targeted traffic. It's like that

We can install pixels on your home page to track the visitor. After the user leaves your website, that pixel collects the visitor data and displays an ad on Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can choose the appropriate platform for your business and the location of the ad. The goal is to restore the target audience to your website and encourage him to act. This can include buying, completing a questionnaire, calling to a phone number, or sending an email or SMS. This remarketing process is called. This way you will get an opportunity again to attract a targeted audience to your website

This is how your website returns traffic to your blog. These visitors are more likely to buy because they have already met your website, have seen the ad and returned to your website. They expect to sell something to them

But what if you have no organic or natural traffic? Here are some different ideas

  • Buy the mailing list, but do not send emails to these addresses 

It is by no means for emails sent to these addresses and individuals. What you can do is buy a mailing list from a rival, a similar business or a seminar organizer and upload it to Facebook so your ad will only show to those people. In this way, you can control your ad audience and ensure that only the targeted email marketing audience receives your marketing products.

  • Use your email list 

This option does not need to be explained. Use the above method to contact people on your email list. Because selling products to current customers is far easier than attracting new buyers

  • Shopping Advertising Blog 

One of the most effective marketing strategies is to go to the targeted market. If the target audience is engaged in research, show your ad in the place where it works. Get your ad on a highly researched research website that people come to get information about the business you are referring to. If your business is related to home renovation, it is advisable to advertise on home stats

Experience with small businesses shows how much advertising on Google search engine is costly and expensive for a contact that may or may not be relevant to you. Obviously, putting your money advert in the right place is less costly and more effective

If you rely solely on the organic or natural traffic load of the website, it's time to buy website traffic.

If you do not know where to start, you can consult with one of our experts for free or take part in the one-day fast-paced tour of Matthews. By participating in this course, you will learn how to design an advertisement and how to design an impressive and effective web page that encourages visitors to act.

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What an incredible post it is! I also have a business website and these tips will be useful for me. I also would be using the popular marketing strategies for that including the Pay Per Click Advertising Management and social media. Do you have any tips?

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