Beach Resort Simulator Crack Game Download

Beach Resort Simulator Crack Game Download

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About This Game

Jump on a deserted coastal area and create a fully balanced exotic tropic resort with millions of tourists. Tourists will be attracted to the resort by providing different kinds of accommodation facilities; your job is to keep them there and get the money you deserve by providing top quality services for families, young adventurers and rich people.

Different categories of tourist will keep you busy in order to find the perfect balance between high and low quality services of all kinds. Mainly you will have to provide the infrastructure for good entertainment (Cinema, Casino, Bowling, ...), top food and drinks (Restaurants, Bars, Fast food,...), beautiful ambience (Parks), safety (Police, Firefighters), hospitals, parking lots, and much more. All buildings will have an influence on each other and must be carefully placed to give an optimal result.
You must never forget to keep the water and electricity supply operational, and to create a perfect road network to connect the entire resort.

The player must find a balance between all these elements of the game and gradually expand the resort without disrupting the balance that allows the tourists to keep coming and staying.

Game Features

  • Construct buildings and strategically place them along the coastal line
  • Manage service prices and workers
  • Setup you beach area
  • Grow your resort by balancing requests and demands
  • Level up and gain skills
  • Complete achievements

Title: Beach Resort Simulator
Genre: Simulation
Earthworm Games
Release Date: 28 Nov, 2014


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This is a good game, when you buy it on sale.. Game is just not that fun compared to other tycoons\/simulators. No animation, no people, just cars zooming around. Good game but gets boring after completing it once!. Unfortunately, I don't recommend purchasing this title. Progress in expanding your resort after the initial development and you're earning well is just ultimately slow and dull. It is a long grind to gain acheivements to the point of boredom and I have not played this game in many months as a result. However the management system is well constructed, it doesn't contain any bugs that I'm aware of, doesn't need much PC power and isn't difficult, so it has all that going for it.. While I was here I thought I would write a reveiw for this game which is something I rarely do.

This game is fantastic in so many ways. It is relatively easy but still poses a challenge, it has beautiful graphics (not necessarily realistic but none the less beautiful) and it is entertaining.

There are things that could be inproved and full price is a bit steep for what you get but if this game is in the sale then TAKE IT because you will not be dissapointed! Thumbs Up!. DO NOT BUY THIS.... This is one of the most BLUHGHUEHSRUGSLUIH Games I Have ever come acrossed the AI Is tacky you dont have much chocie no sandbox mode Geeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz I Would like this game if it had a sandbox mode DON'T BUY THIS GAME NOT WORTH IT It would be better if it was a 5 maybe 10$ Game But DEFFEITLY Not worth 20. Ok Changing my review a little, Tip one if you buy this, Start a game and build all the small junk till your broke then click the speed arrow 3 times for fastest speed, Take a bath. When you come back you ahould have unlocked lvl 2, Restart the game with new money, All your unlocks save. Wierd game really, 4\/10 so far. GAME DOESNT WORK... DONT BUY THIS GAME !!. Part city simulator, part micro management simulator, part simulator of a complete loss of hope (okay.. it wasn't really a simulator of the loss of hope. That part was real) Beach Resort Simulator is a game that would have been wonderful if it had been released in 1990 on some 3.5-in disks. Sure, some games age well, but this one isn't among that short list.

Not only is the game best played on fast forward (so you have money to do... anything), but it is best played by someone who has nothing to do (like... while at work. Which is exactly where I play it). You can't really lose the game as far as I can tell. No natural disasters, no strikes, and once you play for a bit no chance of losing all your money.

Each building must be individually maintained. Each. And. Every. Building. You will have hundreds of them! You cannot manage all hotels of type A at once. Instead you must find all those hotels and adjust them individually! A terrible game mechanic that would have been tolerated 25 years ago perhaps, but not today.

While I did play a lot of this, I've since found new "background games" to play at work. So this game can thankfully be removed from my computer. Don't bother with this one!

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