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About This Game

BLADENET is a multiplayer only game of hide & seek set within a cyberpunk future.

Created by a team of two people; the game is designed to be a spy vs spy experience for friends to enjoy online.


Players blend in with the crowd simulation to stay hidden while the watch for rival players who are also attempting to keep their identity concealed.
Find and fight the human controlled avatars to collect their data to escape the program and win. Remember incorrectly attacking a crowd member will bring a swift response from the network security.


The bladenet is a virtual sub-layer which runs parallel to the real world. Inside the bladenet citizens come to go about their daily routines but unbeknownst to them it's also the place where hackers go to steal valuable information. User identities are protected in the bladenet by a simulated crowd of dummy AI users. This crowd makes it difficult for hackers to find real users and target them. Held hostage by 'The State', prolific hackers are forced to retrieve sensitive information before they can free themselves from the bladenet. b4d347fde0

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Flyleap Studios
Flyleap Studios
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017

English,German,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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This game is a great. But i must say that there is no community. The combat of finding friends is entertaing but there only being a hand ful of players no games to take part in.. Absolutely dead. Developers have been MIA since 2017 and it's looking like they gave up the ghost. No idea why this is even on Steam anymore.. Not bad at the start, very good impression. The visuals are pretty and cyberpunkish, I am a sucker for that fortunately for this game, a bit not optimized because I cannot run this on the highest settings whilst being able to run for ex Witcher 3 on highest and there is sadly no way to disable motion blur without completely disabling the post processing.
Gameplay gets rather boring and there are not that many players around.

I bought it on a sale so I am not entirely butthurt about this and I am hoping it will still be developed, but overall, in it's current state, don't buy - unless on a big sale or when more features are added.. So refreshing to see a new Cyberpunk game. I have totally fallen in love with this game. Yes it's Early Access but I do enjoy supporting the little guys out there if they have a good idea. This is an original idea and yet simple but I found it relaxing to play. Graphics are gorgeous I was able to run on high settings with no issue at all. There seems to be people saying it won't run well on Amd. I am running a Amd system with a Rx 480 8gb card and I found the game to run perfectly no lag and it never crashed once. So if you are having problems on Amd maybe it's some other hardware letting you down or a much older card than I have. The game does need more content and it's far from perfect, but if you are a Cyberpunk fan and like things like Blade Runner you will feel right at home in this city. Sadly there is a low player base and too many refunding rather than supporting the game. If everyone refunds the game just dies. They are only a small 2 man team so let's get behind the game I say. You can host your own game and once it counts down to 0 after you click Ready you can go in the city alone. So you would only need at least one friend to buy a copy and this game is a total blast. I am going to Highly Recommend this game. I am changing my verdict of the game as the Dev's don't seem to be active at all, the rushed new map was terrible better if they had worked on more players then adding poor content. The plan to shut the servers down which they have no choice really as they explained. The game has virtually no players, with no sp so it's not at this point worth the money. I hope it does improve and I will then change my verdict.. \u2611 An Overwhelming Amount of Bugs
\u2610 Repetitive and Uninspired Gameplay
\u2610 Seamless Animations
\u2610 Enjoyable Gun-play
\u2610 Party System
\u2610 Intelligent AI

You decide.

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