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Cubway is a journey with an abstract story of lifecycle of rebirth, called Samsara. Guide the cube through the long way full of dangers and difficulties, visit many interesting and mysterious places.

Mechanics of the game are concentrated around different types of interaction with the obstacles. Some of them are finding correct spot to overcome the obstacles, blowing them, correct timing of your movement, avoiding dangers, changing your movement directions by the switchers and many more.

All this is accompanied by beautiful background arts that tell an abstract story, unique animations, minimalistic graphics, different astonishing effects, and relaxing ambient.

•55 different levels
•3 Alternative Endings
•Several game mechanics
•Elegant and stylish design
•A lot of obstacles and unique animations
•Astonishing effects of rain, slow motion, change of day and night and many others
•Atmospheric ambient by the Composer SiJ d859598525

Title: Cubway
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Armnomads LLC
Release Date: 11 Aug, 2016

English,French,Italian,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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I usually do not like to use this word, but this game is extremely pretentious<\/i>. The "story" is basically randomly selected stock footage with thoughtful-ish text and a fancy instagram filter layed over it.

But that would be forgivable if the gameplay was any good. Spoiler alert: it isn't. The game advertizes itself as a puzzle-arcade. But the controls are too restricted for an engaging arcade gameflow. You can only move along a straight line left or right and occasionally up or down. For a such simple movment system the controls are too slippery and often you end up dying because of the horrible input reading.

Puzzle mechanics is absent. There is no thinking involved, because the results of your actions are unpredictable and inconstant. Sometimes the blocks kill you upon contact, sometimes you need to touch the exact same blocks to finish the level. Sometimes the blocks move left, sometimes they move right, sometimes they do nothing or just crush you by randomly spinning. The game does nothing to telegraph the movments, so you won't be able to "solve" the level. Basically it's a memory game with tedious execution.

The only advantage Cubway has is the art direction. It's increadibly stylish and pleasant to experience. Design and music create the relaxing "zen" atmosphere the developers were obviously going for.

To sum up, this is barely a game. Neither the arcade, nor the puzzle mechanics are engaging. The story is paint by numbers New Age pseudo-wisdom. Maybe it could work better on mobile, but as a PC experience it's a borefest with some nice visuals to look at.. Fantastic meditative title to play, relax and overcome some tough-but-not-frustrating challenges. Metastory behind each level and the whole journey idea is also nice!. Short: Great challenge, simple but effective graphics and sounds. But nothing "more" profound then that I feel

Long Review:
https:\/\/\/VIxtKoN2WTM<\/a>. Fantastic meditative title to play, relax and overcome some tough-but-not-frustrating challenges. Metastory behind each level and the whole journey idea is also nice!. It is a well presented game with pleasing if simple graphical design and a nice atmosphere (even if the messages between levels can make you feel like you are being preached to by Xavier Renegade Angel at times), but there are some flaws:

-Some levels force you to wait several seconds before getting in to them which ramps up frustration a huge amount.
-Sometimes the timings and distances are incredibly tight on boring sections, its made worse because it seems like this wasnt made for keyboard\/mouse given how easy it is with the slightest tap to hit a wall.
-Basic options like restart, volume sliders, and any obvious way to put it in windowed mode are missing, which is an incredibly annoying trend with a lot of indie games. This isnt minimal, its categorically bad design.
-Difficulty can be very variable, and the difficulty level can be the wrong way round due to the way timings line up better. (Also, the easy ending seems to me to be the best, but perhaps thats deliberate so most people see it.)

When it works, its a pleasure to play and the pacing of fairly rapid single screen levels, along with the changing geometry and sounds keeps you retrying and progressing. Just expect more than a couple of spots where the annoyance mounts up way too fast to be fun.

[Note: I bought this on sale at \u00a30.55]. Trial & error game...

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