Die Already Free Download [Crack Serial Key

Die Already Free Download [Crack Serial Key

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The planet Tserberus is inhabited by reasonable beings, has huge military industrial complex. Intensive use of the heavy industry led to awful pollution of the planet, almost all animals died out, and those who survived mutated. Over time Tserberus began to become soiled more and more, in the investigation of it, all population underwent mutations, inhabitants of Tserberus managed to escape by means of mechanical implants which allowed them to survive in the severe environment of the native planet.
Tserberiantsa are in awful situation, their planet perishes as well as their race, without having found other way out they make a decision to scoop resources from other planets, by their taking and enslavement of the population, turning them into obedient puppets. 2096. Tserberiantsa find Earth. Practically all territory of Earth appeared under attack of newcomers. Already at the first stages of war, the mankind sustains huge losses, thousands of people are taken prisoner where chipization are exposed. After long war the mankind after all manages to beat off the attack of aliens. Having studied their technologies and having strengthened itself for new fight, the mankind prepared counterattack, having developed the action plan for landing strike groups. Disembarkation of Diversionary groups almost completely failed, all landing capsules, were misguided by powerful EM an impulse, in the investigation of what all paratroopers were scattered on the planet. Some landed successfully and could survive, others fell in hands of the opponent and were killed on site or taken prisoner.

WASD - move, mouse - aim
Topdown shooter + cool gfx 7ad7b8b382

Title: Die Already
Genre: Action
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2019


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What's the hell!? This game is too awesome for 1$!! It have to be 15$! better than any gay shooter! This is Hard Core! You Know that!?

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