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About This Game

Hikikomori No Chuunibyou is a pseudo 8-bit platform-adventure game with beat-em-up, puzzle, and stealth elements. With its storytelling directing the player through open-ended levels, progression through each stage requires usage of parkour-like abilities and martial-arts techniques.


  • Parkour-inspired platforming
  • Open-ended levels with story-focused progression
  • Beat-em-up, puzzle, and stealth elements
  • Unlimited continues and frequent checkpoints
  • 8-bit graphics and soundtrack
  • Supports Xbox 360 Controller (recommended)

Title: Hikikomori No Chuunibyou
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Blaze Epic
Blaze Epic
Release Date: 15 Jul, 2016


hikikomori no chuunibyou

I wanted this game to be good so bad, but it's just...not. The combat could be improved with a little polish and less cheap enemies, sure, but the level design really kills it. Going back and forth between a huge linier map with the ocasional inexplicable dungeon isn't metroidvania, it's just a waste of time that drags all the other flaws into the spotlight.

The dialogue is also very, very bad. I understand not being a native English speaker, but at the very least it needs an editor. Every character sounds like it was written by a literal space alien-no real engrish, but it doesn't sound like anything anyone would say in real life anyway.

There's a sequel on the way and I sincerely hope it improves on this one's flaws, because there's so much potential that just sadly wasn't executed well here.. This game is wonderful
10\/10. This game is cheap, yes, but not terribly interesting. The controls for the parkour elements are finnicky and difficult, and the platforming challenges just aren't that grand. It also uses some beat-em-up sections to change things up a little; those are more of a hindrance than an actual challenge. You can pretty much button mash through all of those. They're just tedious and exceedingly repetitive with the simplistic controls.. great buy! it's reallyworth it. I just got it and it rules!. This game is wonderful
10/10. This game is wonderful

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