Importance of Blog Submission in Search Engine Optimization

As we all knowing since long that what is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION! And it’s very basic and predetermined goal is to get high ranking on google.But actually to know or understand SEO is not an easy .means you create your SEO with the some of the features and few descriptions and some amount of content , images etc. Then you submitted and left it as just you leave your money an the Bank as fixed deposit.and then you expect your SEO to get high ranking on google ! it really doesn’t work ! Google doesn’t even help for the things much by changing the algorithms and policies on the regular basis.
Because google depend on it’s user.The more user will read and spend time on your SEO page so the more your SEO get high rank on google. And user likes to read an interesting SEO page to find more interesting answer and solution for their search .So to make your seo page interesting and attractive a regular blog submission is one best solution for it.

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