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Original Title: Khal Nayak

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Thriller
































Police Inspector Ram manages to bring the multiple murderer Balu to justice, only to have him escape from while the Inspector is visiting his girlfriend, prison guard Ganga. To help her boyfriend recover his reputation, Ganga decides to go undercover as a belly dancer in order to attract Balu and infiltrate his gang. She succeeds in doing this, but finds herself gradually being drawn to the handsome fugitive. Will her feelings for Ram win out in the end, or will she spending time behind bars with Balu?
Police Inspector Ram Kumar Sinha entraps notorious gangster and arch-criminal, Balaram Prasad alias Ballu, arrests him and holds for a court appearance, only to find out that Ballu has escaped. Ram's superiors hold him responsible for this lapse, and suspend him. Ram's sweetheart, Ganga, who is employed as a prison guard, volunteers to go incognito to entrap Ballu and bring him to justice. She successfully infiltrates herself into Ballu's gang, and soon becomes one of his most trusted aides. Ballu's starts falling in love with Ganga. And then all hell breaks lose when Ballu comes across Ganga's Identification Card.
This movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. It's got everything and a bag of chips. I'm not kidding, if you like drama and music you should definitely not just see this but buy it as well.

It also has a really good message too. The acting is superb and the special effects are up to par with the most sophisticated in the world.

You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll never be the same! Like many of Bollywood movies from the pre-millienia era, themes of cause and effect are heavy factors in the reality of life in crime driven cities in the world. In this case the anti- hero (Ballu) played by Sanjay Dutt, intensely well. Many scenes seems to parable the realities of his life at that current time and perhaps the inner demons he faced.

In the world of crime, there are puppets and then there are puppeteers, poverty and "purposeful terrorism" in the name of business. Madurai Dixit plays her beautiful self, graceful and fiesty as always. Watch it to understand the cause and effect of crime in poverty driven societies and how we create the villains for our heroes. Perhaps it is the simplest definition of human archetype; conflict.


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