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Last Heroes is an RPG developed by Warfare Studios, the team already behind Vagrant Hearts, Ashes of Immortality, Valiant: Resurrection and Midnight's Blessing.


Amelia and Roland are headed to Memato continent, where they think Baroda Prison is located, the place where her mother is being held captive. Will they manage to free her? You must help them in this very dangerous and amusing journey!

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Title: Last Heroes 3
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Warfare Studios
Aldorlea Games
Last Heroes
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2016


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seemed shorter the previous one, but enjoyable,. Straight up copy n' paste of Last Heroes 2 with a pointless story.
- Uses default RPG Maker VX assets, like Last Heroes 1 & 2
- 2 side quests like the last game
- You go thru the whole dungeon, walk back out to the city only to find out you have to go all the way back to the end of the dungeon to fetch an item, then come back out again... Just like the last game
- You find two new heroes, just like the last game
- You do a whole bunch of stuff for nothing, since the prison is not on this continent, like the last game
- Enemies chase you off like mad rabbits, exactly like the last game
- When you reach the end of the dungeon, there's talk then the boss comes out of nowhere, in every dungeon, like the last game

- Please Raphael Delmaschio, finish this series off and move on with your life, pretty please no more games from you.. Oh my \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing god. This is by \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing far the greatest game in existence. The story is amazing, and I think the implimentation of real world dictators was a bold and interesting step. When Kanye West went up to Kim Jong Un and just hit him with that mf "Diamonds are forever" I was sold on the experience. On top of that, the game does a great job of mixing RPG elements with Racing game elements to make this unrealistic mind blowing game, that has never been seen before. And on top of all this, the game is 100% free. Never has a 4K game with such a new and interesting style been made so accessable to the population at large.

Thank you Todd Howard, for making Last Heroes 3

0\/10. Last Heroes 3 on steam is a videogame with limp strands of plant
derived gameplay that declines what i liked about the first 2 entrys
that came on board with a catchy storyline and seems like this
game was more copied into a paste bin of not trying hard or trying something
earnestly new!

Dont get me wrong its a RPG maker game that is fun to play
but never sorted out the builder of the 2 games i liked first that
gave us cool music to chill balanced through!

And this game is more of a sloppy mess and a cash in to grab roleplaying
gamers to make them play all the way to the looping end!

Im sorry i dont like this game and im going to be fair and honestly it gets a
7.6\/10 pick up the other entrys and forget about this ultra mess of a dump
shroud of crap cakes love the burrito master. Despite being the third game in the series, Last Heroes 3<\/i> lacks polish and has several novice mistakes. I didn't come in this game expecting a masterpiece whatsoever, but honestly, it was worse than I expected.

  • It was nothing memorable except that finishing this game really just felt like a chore, especially when bosses run out of MP, after which the game becomes an enter button-mashing fest (because the last four bosses including the final boss, who's a twist villain<\/span><\/span> don't attack anymore if they run out).
  • Battles are mostly either Amelia attacking all the enemies while the others can target only one (or two\/three random enemies in the case of Darwin, and thankfully they all do eventually get skills at attack all enemies) and in some cases, Clair using the heck out of Recover, or mass attacking and mass healing, while Roland is Weapon, Armor, and Spirit Cursing, making the boss' stats a joke while exhausting their MP.
  • Some events don't even occur even if you reach the area of the event itself (includes the final dungeon), which can be fixed with an event copy and paste in the game's engine, RPG Maker VX<\/i>.
  • Enemies can corner you tightly and at some cases, makes running away possible (might not be a con to some people but is noteworthy). The enemy sprites are still even to approach and attack you during major cut scenes, another sign of a lack of polish.
  • The environments feel generic and feel like they're pretty much identical, except with different tilesets, the dungeons just feel like they've been made by the random generator, and the story and characters were bland, with the former also being pointless because Amelia's mother wasn't even in the continent.<\/span><\/span>. It was mostly going to point A to point B with not much interesting with characters who have uninteresting dialogue. The story is literally just doing random quests just to know the prison's location, and then one of the quest givers becomes a villain just comes in the end because... he wanted them to die while doing the quests?<\/span><\/span>
  • However, the music was nice (even if there was quite a bit of reusing which while makes it repetitive, I don't really mind), and at least it was a decent time waster when I needed a break, but those don't really mend a bit of this game's fatal flaws.<\/li><\/ul>I know that this game is a budget title, so quality like this might be expected. I wouldn't care much about the bland world if at least felt a bit fun and polished, which it wasn't. With all the flaws piling up, even with the game's price dropping so low during a sale (bought it during the Autumn 2017 Sale), I still can't recommend it.

    RPG Maker can really make something worthwhile if a lot of heart is put into it, but this just feels very lazy and rushed.

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