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Original Title: Made In Chinatown

Genge: Action,Comedy


















































Chinatown local "Vinny" Chow feels like a failure and doesn't fit in with his own culture. Instead, he wants respect, charisma, power, la dolce vita - in other words, he wants to be "Made," to become an Italian Wiseguy like the heroes in all his favorite movies. Vinny rejects his Chinese culture as he tries to win the Italian girl of his dreams, prove himself worthy of MOB membership and even goes against his owns Chinatown to gain respect. With the help of his kung-fu master, the Chinese girl next door, a gay Black actor, and New York's famous fortune tellers, Vinny finds Chinese culture at the center of who he truly is.
In New York City, Canal Street divides Little Italy and Chinatown, and a bridge separates Manhattan from Brooklyn. But this doesn't stop a turf war from erupting among Italian and Chinese organized crime syndicates. There's Al Capella, Manhattan mob boss, Amador Condimento, Brooklyn mob boss, and Hung Phat, Chinatown Triad boss. They're all involved in the illegal trafficking of oils, spices, and herbs has been around for centuries, begun by the great Italian explorer Marco Polo-and its very serious business for these crime families. Recently, they've been trying to move in on each other's turf and tensions are high. And when a Chinese guy named "Vinny" Chow starts poking around and tries to join the MOB (to get an Italian girl), the double-crossing begins. The title "Made in Chinatown" is a play on the phrase "Made in China" and the Italian Mafia's notion of being "Made") - And so, Vinny Chow literally is "Made" in Chinatown.

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