Mausoleum Of The Medusa Torrent Full

Mausoleum Of The Medusa Torrent Full

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About This Game

Mausoleum of the Medusa is a love song to brutal, old-school arena combat. Perseus and Medusa are trapped in a deathmatch--but the gods raise them from the dead! Put 5d3b920ae0

Title: Mausoleum of the Medusa
Genre: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
New Hell Studios
New Hell Studios
Release Date: 27 Oct, 2016


mausoleum of the medusa

honestly i think that the game is great other than there being no real shield to block from medusas attacks. Nice idea, absolutely terrible gameplay. The concept is simple and nice, but the game is unplayable and unerving so much the game mechanics are bad.. Graphically simplistic, but with frighteningly fast gameplay. You run around as a gladiator trying not to get killed by Medusa and her evil bolts that she fires at you. She seems surprising hard to kill and will kill you just by being anywhere near you, but with a little bit of practise, she most likely can be defeated.. Very surprised how simple but fun this is. It's aboutg 10-15 min of free gameplay and I'm OK with that. It's skill based and hitting Medusa is close to pixel perfect.. I thought this game was okay, for about 5 minutes, upon which time I beat it. I was erxcepting some kind of story, some dungeon crawling, fighting monsters, something. No, it's just a 1-on-1 with Medusa, with every attack, both your's and her's being a knockout. Boring. The only variation is on Medusa's health, and you can't even increase that beyond then as of a few weeks ago, when I deleted this game. Maybe come back when there's more content. Maybe.. Deceptively punishing for such simple game play (timing windows are tight). It certainly harkens back to old-school games. I played with a friend for an hour trading off the controller in arcade mode and we had fun, especially for $0.. This game is awesome. I love the 8 bit design and the gameplay is amazing. this game would be even better if you could edit the field of view, make the map bigger, or the game faster on arcade mode.. this stupid ing piece ofgame

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