Mr. Pumpkin Adventure Keygen Password

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure Keygen Password

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About This Game

Mr. Pumpkin's Adventure is a point-and-click puzzle game. The main character of this game is Mr. Pumpkin who lost his memories. During the adventure, you will help him solve all the puzzles, which will eventually unveil an evil plot. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Mr. Pumpkin Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Cotton Game
Release Date: 1 Jul, 2016

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

I have mixed opinions about this game. The graphics are nice and the music is good and atmospheric, but when I first launched the game I was wondering if it was developed by the same people as Tiny Bang Story. To my surprise, apparently not, although Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is extremely similar to it. Others have pointed out that it's also similar to Amanita Studio's works. What I'm trying to get at is that this game is not very original.

The puzzles feel too random at times, half the time there are no clues from the actual level, but you just have to sit there and spend ages trying to decipher each individual puzzle. This bothers me a lot since it makes the game incohesive, as if they just started out with nice graphics and then slapped on some puzzles for good measure. On the other hand, that also means there is a great variety of puzzles if you only came for that aspect.

If you care about a good story then steer away from this game. The fact that the game is developed by a Chinese studio is no excuse, since there are other brilliant Chinese puzzle games that have better translation, such as Flood of Light, and other games by non-native English speakers that are way better than Mr Pumpkin Adventure. The comic strips open a window of opportunity for the development of a good story, but the writing makes no sense.. Pros:
The art and the story art well done & unique. I hope there is more content based on the world and characters. I like that there are multiple endings you can easily choose via chapter select.

Some of the puzzles are kind of obscure.. Delightfully bizarre.. it is great puzzle game. Welcome to Mr Pumpkin a stylish point and click adventure game. Where clicking every inch of the screen will be the norm and clues to odd puzzles are hind behind a boring hint mini game. Sounds like fun!?... Me neither which is strange as point and click games are normally right up my street. Pro tip: Add outlines to objects you can interact with and update or remove that boring hint game, its not fun or challenging.

Really wanted to like this title :S. i found out a problem when i play this game:

~That is the screen of my computer can't show the full pic of the game [edges of picture are cutted ] (can't see the dairy and ? buttons and just can see some part of tools image).....i have tried the fix the resolution of image (from 1280 X 768 to higher eg. 1366 X 768)but it just let the size of picture become bigger (means that larger part of pic are cutted).... but i found that the smallest resolution of the game setting is 1280 X 768 and i can't down scale the setting....why the size of game pic is become bigger when i set the upgrade the resolution....what can i do ? i can't play the game sine my computer can't show the full game pic.....>__/p>

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