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NOTE: While this app has all the features mentioned here, it is still in active development: adding new features, game profiles and fixing problems. So don't hesitat 5d3b920ae0

Title: Natural Locomotion
Genre: Simulation, Utilities
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Processor: Intel™ Core™ i5-4590 or AMD FX™ 8350, equivalent or better
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Works great with Skyrim! I will never play without it anymore.. Great concept, love the idea of the locomotaition and it in implemented smoothly and properly. But, if you have an Oculus Rift and have your primary purchase through the store, the developer said to wait and check back as they will be incorporating the Oculus SKD in an upcoming update. For now, you can only use for games that are purchased through Steam using the Rift. Gonna check back weekly.. Oculus Rift User here: This Tool is easy to setup and intuitive to use. Tried it with Skyrim VR and Fallout4VR and it felt so natural to walk and even physically jump in my living room. I will never play these games in another way! Oculus Touch support is top. There are many options for the ingame enabling of armswinning (the dedault is just to rest your thumbs on the controller.. I bought this program because I wanted to play my fallout but my touchpad is broken. This works perfectly for that exact situation. Very modifiable, which is great for a third party program like this. Acceleration is much smoother than some of the other programs I've played with native 'natural' locomotion. Flailing your arms is a great way to trick your brain into thinking you're moving, and takes huge steps toward solving the motion sickness issue that plagues a large portion of the VR community. If you experience motion sickness and still want more natural movement, or just want a more immersive experience, then I highly suggest supporting these guys. Great product, keep up the good work. That being said, I have found only 1 problem, and I don't know how to submit a bug report, so I'll put it here. When I look down sights (either iron or scope) while inputting (running with NaLo) it occasionally stops overriding my inputs and switches to default input. I can fix it by restarting the profile (which is a pain) and sometimes by spamming my reload button. It might be worth noting that I'm using left grip only for my NaLo run button. Also, when I first switched to using left only, I noticed that my right hand overrides were still active even when the toggle for that side was deactivated.. I am using this with Skyrim VR. Absolutely love it.

Vive Pro support, sticky grips, enable both hands with one activator, updated demo and fixes. : During long sessions, Vive users had a hard time pressing the grip buttons all the time, which is not comfortable and has risk of repeated strain injury (RSI). We added a "Sticky grips" feature, which you can enable in settings. Complete list of changes: Vive Pro support. It must be enabled in settings. Sticky grips. Available in settings. One side enables both. Available in edit profile -> configure buttons. Fixes for Oculus Rift users during startup. Fixed presence of virtual controllers (like LIV's). Fixed long standing issue of not having both controllers connected when starting a profile. Open SteamVR automatically if it fails to connect. Added "How to move" video on Steam. Demo updated with new models, snap turning and many walking fixes. Known issues: By default one can't use the flashlight in Fallout 4 VR. Can be remapped to trigger but one jumps when turning the flashlight on or off. Or it can be remapped to right home (use the button in the headset to open home). If you close the app without clicking "stop", some buttons remain muted until you restart SteamVR. If the demo scene is started without headset tracking, floor may be wrong in Vive, and Rift uses fall to the infinite void. In the demo, one jumps after crouching. As usual, head to the community forum if you have any problem or suggestion.. Update #2 : Hello again! Yoritoshi brought it to my attention that upon pressing the F12 key to take a screenshot of the final credits screen (to capture the total time played) it triggered the "Ok, I'm all done with the game let's go to the title screen!" action. So this has now been fixed. For the inconvienence, I've also added 5 more achievements to the game which brings the total up to 27. One of the achievements is to beat the game in under an hour.. DXF Games Insanity Bundle! : Hey everyone, I figured out how to set up a bundle for all 3 of my games up here as well as the soundtrack to Just a Cleric. The bundle is 40% off the total retail value and includes: Just a Cleric: Scholar of the First Wuss Just a Cleric OST Equin: The Lantern Weebish Mines The good thing about how this is set up is that you won't get charged for any of these you already own, and the 40% off is on TOP of any current sales going on with the individual games.. Stuck walking FIXED! Jump lag fixed! FO4VR fixed, and added a couple more profiles : Looks like we introduced a bug just before releasing the demo, and could only notice it when we finally had time to play Skyrim ourselves. Sometimes after stopping walking and even releasing the grips one would keep walking, sometimes for half a second, and occasionally forever. We said in comments that it's a hardware issue, but that's actually much more rare than what was happening. This fix makes the experience more predictable and stable. You should be able to take a single step. Tell us your experience below :) (The demo has not been updated yet) Changes: Fixed walking getting stuck. Fixed jump lag. Fixed FO4VR by reloading/grenade/mine with menu button, and VATS with left home button. Fixed "enable touchpad when not moving" (fixes FO4VR map). Fixed detection of updated profiles. Added Arizona Sunshine. Added GORN. Improved some messages and profile descriptions. Known issues: Some people must enable left handed mode even in right handed games (or viceversa) Restart Steam and, as usual, head to the forum to report issues.. Weebish Mines It's a Weebish Mines update!? : Hey! I was pretty busy working on my Equin: The Lantern stuff however I had some time tonight and worked in some nice little things for Weebish Mines as well.

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