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About This Game

Pavlov is a multiplayer shooter for the HTC Vive.


  • Dedicated Servers
  • Competitive Search And Destroy game mode
  • Casual fast-paced game modes
  • Bots
  • Matchmaking
  • Offline/Practice mode
  • Voice Chat
  • Touchpad and OOB locomotion

OOB Locomotion

OOB stands for "out of body", a teleport variation without actually teleporting, your "avatar" moves into the target location while you snap every half a second to it. This works great for people who are prone to motion sickness without breaking the game for other people, this means you can play with regular players. b4d347fde0

Title: Pavlov VR
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 27 Feb, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Quad Core 3 Ghz +
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 GB available space


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new update makes it really good. This game is more than a straight copy of CS:GO.
The weapons are well priced and balanced. You know in the CS:GO training course, where the instructor says, "It's faster to switch to your pistol than to reload." and you sort of just shrug him off. In CS:GO, it is better to just wait the second it takes to reload than waste half a second pulling out your BB gun. In VR, this is perfectly understandable. In a pinch, you may use your off hand to grab your pistol as cover fire while you go reload. The pistol you start out with, is absolute trash. Like, I think I have a glitch where I always end up doing 1\/11 of damage, so it makes the pistol an accuracy oriented weapon. Through this, the game has achieved the balance of primary and secondary, close enough to rival TitanFall 2, in which the pistols do relatively the same amount of damage. Everyone knows that pistols and primaries cannot be equal, or else there would be the something like CZ city pre patch. Not all pistols are bad, the deeg does some impressive damage with a small clip and high recoil. The revolver, ignoring the reloading problems(add moon clips already) are cool as hell, and satisfying to dual wield. Some weapons you think would be useless. The five-seven has around twice the clip as a normal pistol, less recoil and more damage at range. It's a good pistol at a good price, but I would save my money unless I am in a pinch because the other pistols or primaries are so tempting. The SMGs are strange, but with a scope, are just mini rifles. The USIs even let you holster them in the pistol slots, and attach suppressors. If I can think of a gun that is useless, it would be the starting gun, because like I said before, it shoots thoughts and prayers. The main guns, like the AWP and the rifles are well balanced. I think the large scopes are bulky, and it would probably be more accurate to hip fire, but than they released the red dot sight, and it brought a whole new meaning to "no scope". My last weapon issue is that you cannot reload without a spare hand. The foregrip on the shotgun should weight it down to pump hands free, but no. There should be a gear upgrade where your guns are reloaded when you put them away.
Onto the VR stuff. Bomb disarming is done by clipping the wires on the bomb. Cool, but you could cut them in any order. I would like it better if the order they connect to the PCB would be the order in which you have to clip them in. Even as a CT, I feel like they are overpowered. So overpowered, I buy two and just rush the plant zone. Grenades and knives are actually thrown. There is some sort of velocity multiplier, but the idea still stands. This means that smoke spots are less reliable and more skill based. Providing cover fire by blind firing around a corner or behind your back and peeking around corners to get a quick shot work better than any FPS that tries to fake it. The voice chat is open to enemies and friendlies to hear, and the radio now works. Too bad steam audio is messed up on AMD. The performance is good, and if it starts skipping frames, it is for a good reason. Maps like Chess are low resource, and never drop below 90 (could probably be played on a laptop).
Most VR games seem to have the gimmick of YOU ARE IN VIRTUAL REALITY. The magic of virtual reality is lost whenever someone tries to make a quick buck by selling "Experiences" and "Stories" while this game gives you memories. This game has kept me entertained for many hours and I haven't gotten bored. With community generated content via the steam workshop, this game is the gift that keeps on giving. The community is good, even if they are "I hate women and minorities" gamers, and the discord is helpful<\/a>.
This game tried to copy CS:GO, but gave us something better.
9\/10. movement is nauseating but its a good game. 8\/10, can dual wield LMGs
0\/10 no M1 Garand

For real though, this game is pretty damn fun even with just bots. And just $10? Yeah, I'd say worth it.. Solid VR FPS

Couple of game modes
Lots of guns
But the main feature is the modding support. Playing old COD maps a...

Update 2 - Uber Menu, lots of bug fixes and improvements:
Hello there fellas

In this week's update i'll present you the uber menu, a quick-to-the-point way to get things done and focus on the actual game play, in this initial version you can have a look at the buy menu in its very infancy state.

You can now get any weapon at any given time if you have the cash. You can get cash overtime and/or by killing wealthy players, hoarders/dominating players are penalized by 50% of their cash. A shop/buy area is planned, it didn't made it for this update.

Aside from this little tiny menu, there's been alot of bug fixes and improvements.

Patch Notes. Update 15 - Defuse kit & Lobby Improvements:

Defuse kit. Having issues with the game? Join the forums or discord!:
There's been some flickering issues as of the latest patch, the temporal solution has been posted in the forums almost 16 hours ago! if you're looking for support please join discord or post in the forums.

Spurious Subreddit. Upcoming update is now on open beta, try it out!:
Hello guys :steamhappy:

I invite everyone to try the new beta for the upcoming update, this one is a major update and i'm looking to get everyone feedback and fix any issue that arises.

Major mechanic change for the Vive. Update 1 - Two hand handling improved!:
Hello guys,

Been working on Improving the two hand mechanics, bug fixing and input remapping based on feedback received during the week.

The change is very substantial and i think it's an improvement, shooting is indeed harder and that makes it more enjoyable.

Dedicated Servers. Update 5 - Search & Destroy, New Controls and Better AI:
What's up you guys?

In this update things start shaping up and getting ready for EA release, feedback is still welcome and appreciated!

New Controls. Update 11 - Oculus Goodies, bug fixes and improvements:
Hello! :steamhappy:

Oculus. Alpha Demo is out!:
Just as promise, demo is out now!, you should not be expecting anything but just an alpha with issues and bugs.

Only for today (5 Dec) i'll be leaving the dedicated servers on until mid night, so i would suggest you try to quick match as soon as you download it and hopefully you'll find a player or two.

Play test is as scheduled, 7pm to 9pm CST, Let's break the servers guys :D however i'll be happy if there's just 8 players for a 100% real player match.

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