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About This Game

PhysicsN is a physical simulator of the destruction of neon cubes. Create, blast, change gravity, slow down and stop time, break up cubes into the smallest particles! The game has only one goal, you just need to enjoy it, everything else is in your hands! 7ad7b8b382

Title: PhysicsN
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Dagestan Technology
Release Date: 14 Dec, 2017


A great cute little game, it's just about worth what it costs, it's a very simple play with shapes in a gravity environment sort of thing, nothing complicated or important going on, just a goof around time waster.

For a 99\u00a2 game (or 49\u00a2 on sale), it's not a bad game at all. It has a very nice style, I love the unique main menu, quite a few things that are not obvious that you can do at first glance, I guess you could call them secrets or Easter eggs, extra stuff to play with.

I do have one major critique though, and one minor. My major critique is that if there are too many objects on the screen at once (which happens easily due to how blocks like to subdivide when they hit the white block whether you want them to or not) the game just deletes everything on screen, and that's no bueno, if you absolutely have too, just delete exactly the number of blocks on screen that go over a certain cap, don't delete everything, that's not a good solution. At least let me turn that off in the options or something. My minor critique is the control scheme, there are a lot of buttons that do a lot of things, It would be much better if there was just a nice little window that slides out from the top of the screen with all those options that you can change without having to open a popup esc menu, or having to memorize keyboard. But other then that, for 99\u00a2, or 49\u00a2 on sale, not bad at all.. You can experience the whole game in a quarter. I'm not against short games, but those 15 minutes were mediocre at best.. i see alot of portental in ths game but u need to add a way to stop the thing that makes it restart every time it lags. It is a great way to kill time

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