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About This Game

Discover the Mysteries of the Pit of Evil and it's history that it holds.


Barry and his friends Arlene and Nellie decide to visit the Pit of Evil, the place where they lost their friend Fynn. While spending the night in a tent, things take an unexpected turn. The group gets seperated, while Barry suffers the same fate as Fynn, falling into the Pit of Evil.


  • Twisted Story with mystery elements
  • Characters that hold deep connections to each other
  • Fast-Paced ATB System (Active Time Battle)
  • Dungeons using puzzle elements
  • Dramatic cut-scenes, including scenes from the past
  • Challenging boss fights, strategic play


Please notice / A Word from the Developer

We decided to remake this game once more after we released it last October, a new Version (2.0.0) will be available around 21.-24. June 2019.

It will cover:
- Extended Story and Characters
- More Text/Dialogue (around 60.000 words)
- 2-3 hours more gameplay
- Remake of some Maps, Puzzles, Message Window, etc.

New Features like:
- Journal-System
- Improved World Map
- Improved Skill-System

Add the game to your wishlist to recieve the Update notification. We will also Update the Demo and the Store Page on the some day. If you would like to beta test the new Version bevor it releases, please send us a message through our Website frogmouth.studio/contact 1075eedd30

Title: Pit of Evil
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2018


Currently playing the game and just have joined this project as a betatester.
I play the German version of the game and compared to another betatest this game has really few gamebreaking bugs.
Image and sound bugs can easily circumvented by copying a similar named file, pasting and renaming it in the same folder. For the current version I only had to do this twice!
But there are many, many passability gliches, mostly in the forests and hills with different planes.

The riddles are really innovative and medium to hard to solve. Their difficulty increases during the game.
The scarcly set save point have an healing option and invite to grind near them when the boss is too strong or you need money.
Some hidden paths will have to be found but are not necessary for completing the main quest.
There are no sidequests as this game is really story driven and mostly linear.

The battle balance is fair as long as you don't dare to encounter a Warrior. Just avoid them until you have the means to beat them.. Seems interesting at first. Old School 16bit style JRPG. But the story is extremely lacking and the bugs are way too many. I spent an hour attempting to complete one aspect of finding a cell key, just to end up moving on and found that I had skipped a large portion automatically due to a game bug. It didn't prevent me from continuing the game, just made a huge gap of WTF happened and how? There are a few other things i don't need to mention, but I do not suggest this game.. The game is good except there are some bugs that get in the way of playing the game. I think the price is a little high for a game that has so many bugs. I have to constantly back track to a save point to save due to all the bugs I have encountered. The game has alot of puzzles, I would say the focus is more on puzzles than fighting. I would hold off purchasing the game until the dev. fixes all the issues.. Pit of Evil is an RPGmaker game........and that's about it,

story:its pointless, everything you did & do would amount to nothing,
remove the story and you'd lose nothing,
all that build up had ended up with mediocre plot twist of nothing.

Character's: all the ppl you need to is Barry the main character,
everyone else is irrelevant,
Barry is one of them most stupidest dishonest person in this game,
all of his irrational thoughtless actions have led to disasters after disasters and he''ve never been held accountable for anything.

gameplay & battle systems:its a typical turn-based RPG with not much to do,
money seems to be on the ground everywhere and they response.....soo you can reach that 9999999gold,
without a good\/decent story, the gameplay in this is pointless.. Sadly the game didn\u00b4t work for me at all, wouldn\u00b4t launch. So this is a question mark for me. Others have written about Bugs and stuff not working properly. So I have to agree about this. Don\u00b4t buy It before the developers have fixed all the bugs and things that have to be fixed. I really looked forward for this game and had it on my wishlist for long. So Developers! Please fix ALL issues and Then Launch your game. I\u00b4d Love to play It! But I don\u00b4t recommend It In this buggy\/not fixed issues state.

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