Q-YO Blaster Download For Pc [torrent Full]

Q-YO Blaster Download For Pc [torrent Full]

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About This Game

Q-YO Blaster

Is a horizontal Shoot 'Em Up , with peculiar characters, strange enemies, bullets, many bullets and many explosions. Enter the miniature world and stop the threat.

Enjoy the rudeness with weapons, special powers and help from mystical beings.

Q-YO Blaster has a nice 2d environment with detailed pixel art scenarios, varied enemies section, stages, powers, improvements and many more!

  • 10 stages with animated backgrounds and high detail
  • Characters by class
  • Local Co-op
  • Arcade mode
  • Weapons and Perks
  • Super Special Powers
  • Variety of enemies and confrontations against great bosses
  • Difficulty levels
  • CRT mode

Title: Q-YO Blaster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Team Robot Black Hat
Team Robot Black Hat
Release Date: 15 Jan, 2018


qyo blaster

grabbed it at 85% off (59 cents) because i was bored


hidden gem
(if you like this genre)

much fun <3. I love it, surprised this game isn't very popular. I wish I bought it earlier, I'll recommend it to anyone who's into this type of game.. A very fun lil' shmup for a pretty small price. I paid $1.27 for it on sale and it's def worth that. Had I known how much enjoyment I'd get I would have def paid the $3.99 though. before cup head was q/yo.

wacky graphics, amazing game play and a good variety of enemies make this game THE ONE SHOOT THEM UP TO PLAY.
highly recomended.. Yo let me tell you this is a really good game, no kidding. Do I recommend it? YES. Why I say that? Keep reading.

A Bulletstorm game like no other, why? Is actually fun! Is like if the dev team of Metal Slug had a bulletstorm shotting division. God I am having a blast playing it. Let me tell you why I enjoy, and know I will keep enjoying this game much more. As a old school gamer let me point the following.-

+Nicely executed Sountrack
+Nice art (old 8bit with a touch of new technologies that makes everything move so smooth)
+Perfect filter for ''old'' feeling, not too shabby
+Beautiful backgrounds
+Hit point on your character is actually visible (ok I wanna make a pause here to make notice on how awesome this is, the Hit point of your ship/character is actually visible, that means that you know and can see where you are gonna take actual damage and what you should protect, many fail in this and is so simply to execute, yet this game executed this one as a champ)
+plenty of characters, and specials to pick from
+You can't get bored at all
++ Dedicated to a guinea pig hero RIP space cowboy
++ Iconic details denotes devs dedication

-Too short?
-Story makes no sense? Can't really tell.
Tbh I wasn't paying attention because the game was a blast without any story at all. Story seems to have a funny turn tho.

Lets talk about why I missed the story at all. Do you remember the first DOOM, or the first Metal Slug? You didn't care about the story. There wasnt a tutorial telling you what is going on or any backstory either. The game started and you knew pretty much what it needs to be done, which is kick some butts. This happens in this game. If you like that kind of thing then this is your game.
The game has plenty replayability. Short but infinite to enjoy alone or with a 2P, simply aiming to a higher score every single time (as you could say of metal slug).

Getting a copy for a friend soon, I expected nothing at the beggining at the game shut my mouth in a sec. I hope theres a way to play online, yet this option seems to not be posible at the moment.

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