RaceRoom - DTM 1992 Car Pack Crack 32 Bit

RaceRoom - DTM 1992 Car Pack Crack 32 Bit

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The word legendary is thrown around often, but on the subject of early ‘90s motorsport, the legacy of DTM race cars has proven worthy of that title. The unique handling and sounds of these cars become rarer by the minute, but they can be yours to experience every day in RaceRoom. Purchase the 1992 DTM car pack and add 5 racing legends to your lineup.


  • Audi V8 DTM
    Based on its street going brother, Audi developed the Group A V8 for entry into the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM). The early ‘90s belonged to the Audi V8 DTM, where it was the only car in the series to possess a V8 engine and 4-wheel-drive.

  • BMW M3 Sport Evolution
    Reveling in the success and popularity of the E30, BMW pushed the model to new heights in 1990 with the M3 Sport Evolution. Today only a handful of these beloved cars remain, but you can drive the BMW M3 Sport Evolution daily here in RaceRoom.

  • Ford Mustang GT DTM
    The Ford Mustang GT DTM is a lightweight car with loads of horsepower and dragon like sound. This legendary and increasingly rare car roars to life every day in RaceRoom.

  • Mercedes 190E EVO II DTM
    The attention grabbing Mercedes 190E EVO II DTM drives as good as it looks. In 1992 Klaus Ludwig claimed the title in this car and Ellen Lohr became the first woman to win a DTM race behind the wheel of her 190E.

  • Opel Omega 3000 Evo 500
    The limited series Opel Omega 3000 Evo 500 was built to compete in DTM and its 3-litre straight-6 engine could push the car to a top speed of 300 km/h. Bring this legend to your RaceRoom lineup.

Important Info/DLC Purchasing Policy

R3E user accounts are associated with the user’s Steam account for security and transactions through Steam Wallet. A Steam account can use multiple R3E accounts by using the ‘switch accounts’ function in the R3E Account Settings.

Upon purchasing an R3E DLC via the Steam Store, an R3E user account will be permanently associated with that Steam account and it will no longer be possible to switch accounts. The option to switch accounts will be permanently removed from the R3E Account Settings. 1075eedd30

Title: RaceRoom - DTM 1992 Car Pack
Genre: Free to Play, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Sector3 Studios
Release Date: 10 Mar, 2015


  • OS:Microsoft Windows Vista / 7
  • Processor:Dual core at 1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or AMD equivalent
  • Memory:2 GB
  • Graphics:NVIDIA 7900 512 MB Video Card or AMD equivalent
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:12 GB HD space
  • Sound:DirectX compatible
  • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection


raceroom - dtm 1992 car pack. raceroom - dtm 1992 car pack

The DTM 1992 Car Pack will not load for me. In fact it crashes my game. The other DTM packs work fine for me. Trouble shooting has not fixed the problem. Because of the CTD issues I would advise that you do not buy this DLC. If you do buy it, be aware that it is only cars, tracks are not included.. This Car Pack + Nuburgring Nordschleife is one of the greatest experiences in sim racing I've ever had.

Amazing handling, and sounds, as always on raceroom are magnificent.

Super fun. For it's price, it's probably one of the best deals around.. On the whole, Raceroom content is far to expeensive - that's the only reason I gave the base game a thumbs down.
Prices aside, this DLC is bloody fantastic. 90's DTM cars seriously rock. For me RaceRoom is the comeback of 2015 . If you had asked me about this Racing game this time last year I would have said.
FFB is not good the Graphics look old & the lack of Content & pricing is bad.
Its also felt like the whol project have stopped

Its was still Simbin back then these guy I had know about since before they started to make payware.
They had cou their as had many people back in the old days of EA's & ISI F1 series .

By developing a series of GTR based racing mods of very high quality.
Simbin was collection of some of the best modders around.

What followed was their first steps into developing their own stand alone games but still using ISI's G-motors game engine.

GTR , & then GT-Legends are now know as two classic sim based raced still played today.

However part of the team split & can found now as SMS the makers of NFS Shift series & now P-Cars.

Simbin then Made their Race series & the GTR2 & GTR Evo.

Then Came RaceRoom.
But it all seemed to go a little flat last year.
But then came the new of a new name Sector 3 & what seems like 2nd coming.

Also maybe also the fact that new kids on the block Like AC & P-Cars along with I-Racing & R-Factor 2 were all heading to or are come to the Steam platform.

Several updates have changed the sim for me from just been in my collection to being a must drive.

At the start of the year I had only the Free content so very limited .
Now I have two packs & some tracks.
I still do no fully agree with their sales model , but the quality of the DLC is very high.

I picked up the ADAC Pack a few months back.
That gave me some tracks at last & some of the best GT sports cars around at this current time.

But I love my old cars.
My era been the mid 80's & 90's I remember the likes of the DTM when it was screened on Eurosports & screen sports not just in Germany but across the world.

The likes of the Merc 190 evo . & BMW M3 & Audi Quattro have since become legends.
This pack gives you those legands & some less well known one for the like of Ford & Opel.

This pack screams quality thanks to several updates to the main game engine you can now hear every bumps twitch & rattle of the cars as they fly around the tracks, if that was not enough the Engine sounds alone make you want to come back time & time agine.

These people are for sure the best best sound team around of any of the current Racing platforms all the sounds are correct for ever car in the pack not just some sound re-worked for every car.

The driving part is also top class I am not going to say its the best out there as this is one place that at least two other Sim could be seen as been equal or better depending on how you like your cars to drive in a sim.

This is one for personal choice.

RaceRoom also as one of the best FFB models out there so you soon get a good feel for the cars.

The cars all have their own good & bad points all drive differently even using default set-ups things feel good.

I find the Ai very good that is another part of the sim that as improved this year in leaps & bounds.

For me this is a good as any of the other Sims that are around now .

Yes its a locked platform now modding allowed.

Its still been developed .

Online is still alpha but is already of a very high standard.

You get proper racing cars in RaceRoom from the leading racing Championships in Europe for the main part.
More is coming both for cars & Racing series.

I do like the fact that you can just buy what cars & packs you want . however I still have some issue with the Micro sales system & limited cars packs through Steam

Sector 3 choose to sell most of their content via their own site , while only offering a limited selection of content Via Steam.

That for me I would like to see change.
Not Every one want to used Paypal or Credit card Systems.

Lots like the Steam wallet system & cards that can be found in almost every retailer these days.
By not selling all their Pack content at least via steam I think they are costing themself lost sales.

This could be just down to costing issue with Steam & Sector 3 over the costs of selling via steam.
But the fact is Steam is today the platform most use to buy their games.

Its also the place all their main rivals use to.

To sum up the DTM 1992 pack is about as good as it gets . I have driven some of the same cars in AC & that is good sim.
But due to the depth of the same cars found in RaceRooms DTM pack its wins hands down for me.

One thing is for sure you wont be getting bored thrashing these oldies around.
All that is missing is Nordschleife . but that is WIP & coming soon.
Then will the real fun start with these cars.

A must have for any Sim Racer.. Despite the fact I have a few other content packs, I find myself coming back to this set of cars more then any other. I think that for that reason alone, I have to recomend this pack.

As far as what this pack includes, you get 5 cars, all of which are early 90's era dtm cars (turing cars for those who dont know)

unlike the wtcc packs, including the classic turning pack. dtm is still pretty fast, often focused on grip mixed with a v8 engine. all of these are rear wheel drive cars with a lot of mechaic grip, all with alot of torque. the speed, despite being about 20 years out of date by now, is still plenty fast, and the times are close to that of modren gt3. these cars also tend to be extreamly resposive and very light on the stearing.

what makes this pack worth it is as follows. Each of the 5 cars have their uniqe power and handling traits following this pattern, handling focused bmw > merc> opal > audi > ford power focused. the diffrents is speed on the longer straits ends up as high as about 25 mph, but the ford also has the worst breaks by far so you will be outbreaked by the others. unlike the gt3 cars, its really easy to get these cars unstable under breaking, under power, and even flicking it around when stearing too aggressavly. however, the mechanical grip is pretty solid so you can usualy recover from driving errors. because of this, you can really refine your driving skills and even less experance drivers can do decently with a bit of pratice,

now, that being said, as no tracks are avaible via this pack, I do not recomend you buy it first, grabbing the adac gt masters, or the dtm experance of your choice will offer 9-10 tracks and a decent set of cars. but if you already own enough tracks, then this pack is worth it.

To sum it up, You get 5 cars, each sounds and drives amazing, with enough diffrences between them, they all have enough of a edge to be fun, they all do time attack well, drift well, and race really well. not much else to say. if you want to see for your self, test drive them in the ingame store.. This Car Pack + Nuburgring Nordschleife is one of the greatest experiences in sim racing I've ever had.

Amazing handling, and sounds, as always on raceroom are magnificent.

Super fun. For it's price, it's probably one of the best deals around.

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