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RYB is a pure logic puzzle game where you color strange and beautiful shapes.

It plays like a combination between sudoku and minesweeper. Over the course of 60+ puzzles, players discover new logical mechanics and incorporate them into their thinking. No two puzzles look the same, every puzzle can be solved logically, and every solution is unique.

RYB was programmed by two MIT graduates and designed by a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship. b4d347fde0

Title: RYB
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 17 Nov, 2016


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After playing my first puzzle game Antichamber, I find RYB to be relaxing while being equally challenging and satisfying. The twists on the same basic color premise is creative and keeps my attention. As someone who has serious attention span issues, this is a glowing review. I love the game and I hope there's plenty more where this came from. Thanks for making it.. Enjoyable puzzle game with mechanics which somewhat reminded me of Minesweeper, but also featured some color mixing, among other things.

I enjoyed RYB quite a bit, but by the time complementary colors appeared, some of the puzzles became a bit too big or complicated to grasp entirely in my head. So I was somewhat frustrated that there was no in-game note-taking (the kind you'd be used to from e.g. any Sudoku app, marking cells as containing "just a 1, 2, or 4", or here "just yellow or orange"). And in some of the final puzzles, you're asked to leave some cells black, but there's no way to mark them black for good, so that's yet more info to keep in your head when you'd much rather mark this somewhere on the puzzle instead.

Other than that, it was a solid experience. The game introduces a surprising amount of variety in the game mechanics, and all or almost all of it is taught nonverbally. The nonverbal introductions are solid, though not on the level of e.g. The Witness. For instance, I was initially confused at what the white dots meant, when they were introduced. And in some puzzles I was confused what it meant when a cell contained some hints, but less than there were surrounding cells. But other than that, I liked the gradually increasing difficulty curve, and the many challenging puzzles.. Ok so, I really like this game in theory. And at the begining I had a lot of fun. However, at some point later on, you will make a move that is perfectly valid, and makes complete logical sense; yet it is wrong, because later on in the puzzle, things don't line up. This would be fine, except there is no way to tell if a perfectly valid move your about to make, is actually perfectly valid because of some future puzzle piece you'll unlock if you solved a different part oif the puzzle first.

In other words: The design and mechanics are solid and good, breath of fresh air even; but the puzzle design is infuriatingly inconsistant.. I will take this review seriously from now on.
The game is very great. The mechanics are simple and the design too.
I expect of what's shown from the video preview and yet it is in the game.

10\/10 would play for more, especially if additional puzzles are possible to add.. Excellent little puzzle game. It is not super well explained how the logic puzzle works, but once you break through that you will get an enjoyable few hours out of this game that you won't regret for the price.. This is a fantastic game! I found out about it through the creator's Youtube channel (where he solves and explains puzzles) and I'm so glad I did. It's a little bit garish, but the simplicity of the colours is used very well, and the puzzles are extremely fun!. Great puzzle game. Hope that it can expand; the new ideas in each set are really clever and I think they deserve to be drawn out a bit more. In particular, the last level was much too easy, and tons of levels could be designed using everything thrown together, including the secondary color set.

Will definitely keep an eye on this game and any other work the devs put out. Mentally stimulating, yet relaxing. It enters the same category as the Witness: simple puzzles with complex solutions.. Great puzzle game, I enjoyed the minimalistic style. I couldn't stop playing until I finished it, which took me about 2 hours, and it was a bit easier than I expected. There is no real build up of difficulty as you progress, but new mechanics are introduced with new levels and it's incredibly fun to figure out how they work. I would have loved some bigger, more challenging puzzles that combined all of the mechanics. You get 3 mistakes with each puzzle before it resets, so it might be tempting to go the trial-and-error route when you get stuck, but this will ruin the game for you! Having to sit back and analyze the puzzle until you see something new is a great part of the fun.. Fun puzzle game with nice visual & sound effects. I like how tutorial levels in this game are designed to both introduce new mechanics and make the player think of new shortcuts based on them.
You might want to go get paper and pencil before playing though, since currently there are no way of marking colors without actually filling them in in game, it's the only thing I've found in this game that needs improvement so far.

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