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Silver Grapple is a fast paced 2D platformer that lets you swing through the air at the speed of sound!
Explore an expansive underground laboratory, buried and abandoned years after the mysterious accident that shut it down.
Save whoever you can in your quest to escape, rocketing through the ruins with your Silver Grappling Hook.

  • The smoothest grappling hook you'll ever swing on!
  • Fast paced challenges that'll leave you leaning into the controls.
  • An expansive world with 11 environments to explore, from abandoned offices and excavation sites to the quarantined depths of the strange laboratory.
  • An original soundtrack straight from the heart of retro consoles, featuring the work of Tom Campbell!
  • A rich story hidden amongst secret journals and old computers.
  • Skate on water and run like the wind as you scavenge new powers from the facilities ruins!
  • Throw your weight around as you master the physics of the Silver Grappling Hook!

Title: Silver Grapple
Genre: Action, Adventure
Jamie Rollo, Tom Campbell
Jamie Rollo
Release Date: 25 Aug, 2017


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9200M
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated


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First of, I want to point out that it really pains me to click the thumbs-down button on this game. I really wanted to like it and I did enjoy it for quite some time. The Cave Story like graphics and story telling, my unfounded love for Grappling Hooks. It seemed like the perfect game for me! Unfortunately, it soon turns into a massive exercise in frustration. Obviously you want your game to get more challenging as time goes on, but there's hard platforming and there's actively spiting your player.

The camera is too close to your character, which makes it hard to judge where you're falling, where you're grappling and most importantly, when you have to grapple. As an example, the game makes you jump very high on a jump pad, so you falling back down can build up momentum. It then expects you, as you're falling down at full speed and can't see where exactly you're going, to grapple on to a one or two tile high wall and release the grapple button after the exact amount of milliseconds to not either smash against the ceiling (and lose all your momentum in the process) or slingshot yourself at a downwards angle which also results in your death.

Thankfully, the checkpoints are placed reasonably fairly, so retrying the jump isn't awful. However, there's only so many times I want to bang my head against the wall (in this game, sometimes literally) before I get tired and frustrated with something. Later on, the game requires you to make multi part jumps. Build up momentum, slingshot yourself upwards without losing too much momentum, grapple onto the next thing and so on and so forth. You get the idea. After retrying the first part of the jump 20 times, I'm so surprised to finally make it through that first part that I completely fumble or miss the next part, making me start the whole ordeal from the beginning.

After about 100 tries I finally manage to chain all the required parts together and make it through the room. There's definitely a feeling of elation and happiness when you finally make it but for me, it was more relief to finally be done with that crap than anything else. If you ask me to redo that room again, it'll probably take me another 100 tries. I never feel like I get better or learn anything, it more or less feels like chance and luck to finally make it through a room.

I'm currently stuck on a room where two lasers overlap and I seriously have no clue whatsoever what I'm doing wrong or what to do to get past it. And frankly, at this point I've lost almost all motivation to try.

If you have an extremely high tolerance for frustration and don't mind retrying things up to 100+ times, feel free to get this game. If you don't, I'd stay away.

Edit: I also want to mention that the lack of resources or help for this game don't do it any favors whatsoever. This is obviously not the developers fault at all, but there's hardly any discussion in the Steam Forums, there's no YouTube videos (except for a couple of speedruns that skip like half the game) and there's no Community Guides either. Just looking up how to get through a room is next to impossible so unless you figure stuff out yourself, you are completely and utterly SOL.. Such a disappointment. The game starts really cool with that Cave Story vibe thanks to the graphics and some really nice music. I was enjoying till the gameplay started. First of all the grapple dosnt work very good with the keys i was expecting using the mouse; but anyway thats not an important problem at least to me ( i beat The End is Nigh at 152%... i mean im good at platform games ). The REAL problem: camera is too close to the character for this kind of gameplay. You cant see where you are going to grapple or where you are going to fall, so its basically trial and error. I thought using the map will help but its really hard to calculate distances with it and even if it was useful thats not the kind of gameplay im looking for.. This game needs more appreciation and love. This game is absolutely amazing. This game came right out of nowhere for me and blew each and every one of my expectations away. This game is a masterpiece on all fronts. The controls feel so tight and the environments are beautiful. The characters have personality and even the music does too. Exploration and success is rewarding, and the story is intriguing. The level design is so well put together and all of the little helpful tools in a platformer that didn't NEED to be in the game are in the game to generally improve the player's experience and reduce backtracking & visibility errors (graphical and level design-al). There are so many cool mechanics that are introduced using a nice difficulty curve. Was totally worth my $15. 9.5\/10. An overlooked gem. Challenging but fair platforming with tight controls and liberal checkpoints to minimize frustration, similar to Celeste. Metroidvania-flavored level design and upgrades, storytelling and presentation reminiscent of Cave Story. And a really good grappling hook.. More game than you're expecting to get, hard in an intriguing and fun way. Excellent checkpointing, though note that you'll NEED it for some of the challenges (much like VVVVVV, there's a few really tough rooms / challenges you'll need to get the good ending).

If you ever wanted more Bionic Commando out of Bionic Commando, this is your game.. More game than you're expecting to get, hard in an intriguing and fun way. Excellent checkpointing, though note that you'll NEED it for some of the challenges (much like VVVVVV, there's a few really tough rooms \/ challenges you'll need to get the good ending).

If you ever wanted more Bionic Commando out of Bionic Commando, this is your game.. Awesome game! The rope swinging is so satisfying, and it feels great to land those difficult jumps. If you liked cavestory you will love the art style, music and mood. Really enjoyable so far, cant wait to finish it.. Very good game, interesting concept and gameplay mechanics. One criticism is that there are no key changeable key binders, but other than that the game is very fun.. A fav of mine, very good gameplay.

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