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Original Title: The Time Monsters

Genge: Short,Action,Adventure,Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller
































Scientist discover a way to view the past.
Two scientists are able to view prehistoric earth. They watch dinosaurs fighting eat other, and eating cavemen. They watch as a giant gorilla fights a dinosaur. They see a volcanic eruption that kills many of the creatures - and then they loose transmission.
Time Monsters, The (1959)

** (out of 4)

An interesting idea about a kid watching a television, which allows him to see into the past. This time out he's able to view back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and did battle against one another as well as a giant gorilla. This amateur film from Glut isn't as entertaining as some of his previous efforts but there's still quite a bit to admire here. For starters, I really enjoyed all the monsters and I'm thinking that they were made out of some sort of clay. Stop motion is used for the effects but I really enjoyed the large gorilla, which was clearly influenced by KING KONG. I thought the dinosaur fights were a lot of fun as was the volcano eruption and the red lava that flows. At just under 6-minutes the film does go on a tad bit too long but fans of monster movies will still want to give this one a view (as well as Glut's other movies).


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