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Wolfpack is a realistic, first person, co-op U-boat game where one or multiple crews of players man the stations of a highly detailed German type VII U-boat during the Second World War. The crew will encounter large randomized convoys of merchants escorted by destroyers, sloops, and corvettes. Their objective is to intercept and sink enemy ships and escape undetected.

Each player mans a station in the U-boat, and the crew will need to cooperate in order to succeed in their mission. Unlike other submarine simulators, Wolfpack is designed for players to procedurally manage the submarine through direct, manual interaction with valves, levers, and instruments.

Each U-boat has up to five players: The captain, the helmsman, the dive officer, the radio man, and the navigator.

The radio man operates the hydrophone, radio, radio direction finder, and Enigma machine. The helmsman controls the U-boats heading and speed, and operates the torpedo data computer. The dive officer controls the depth using the dive planes, ballast and negative tanks and serves as a lookout and gunner for the deck gun and anti aircraft gun. The navigator calculates the position of the u-boat, and determines the best route to intercept enemy convoys. The captain is the commander of the U-boat, and leads the crew.

All stations and instruments in the U-boat are carefully modeled after original pictures and sources, and kept as realistic as possible without compromising usability. The game contains a fully operational torpedo data computer, manual navigation tools, and ship recognition manual.


Title: Wolfpack
Genre: Simulation, Early Access
Usurpator AB
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Processor: 64 bit
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


Feels like a uboat sim that forgot half the uboat, ill buy again if they add more. Epic! Great value for money!

Certainly there are a few bugs in the game, but it is already showing it's great potential! And it is labeled as a Beta.

The atmosphere in the game is just great! The sound design is quite good, giving you the real "Das Boot" feeling!

Manning a submarine with 5 players in first person, and even having up to 4 of those player-controlled subs is totally unheard of and really a blast!

Though, it has to be said the learning curve for targeting ships with the torpedos is quite steep! This is a simulation, nothing arcady. If you want that, you better check for other games.

But if you are into sub-simulations with the World War II theme, this is the place to be! Just check out the tutorial videos before you start going on Feindfahrt with your friends!. GOOD GAME, even in its early access state.
I have finally arrived at the future of sub simulation games. I can now die in peace.

note: aside from the racist nazi's that flock to anything German ww2 themed, the game is good to play with sane and mature friends. + Good graphics
+ Good mechanics
+ Multiplayer

- There is currently only a convoy attack mission
- Bugs before and after a mission, but I haven't detected any during a mission.. Go for this game if you are:

- looking for teamplay
- willing to communicate
- willing to read a manual to know how things work as there is no babysitter
- fan of simulations (it's not an action paced hollywood blockbuster)
- patient
- calm but aware
- accepting that the game has still lot's of features missing during EA
. Nothing is more terrifying then dodging depth charges for 15 minutes.. Never played a subsim before. am now addicted to this game.
Very polished state of early access. very playable. More content is just going to be gravy!. Rubba-dub-dub were sittin' inna sub simulator.. As a sub sim enthusiast since 688 attack sub (1989) I can tell you that wolfpack is the next sub sim you're going to want to play and will probably continue to play for years to come.

To those with some familiarity with this genre<\/b> you can expect this title to fall on the opposite end of the spectrum that the recent release UBOAT is on. Uboat is a crew management simulation. In this game, there is no crew, (yet) because you and your friends are the crew! For perspective, Silent Hunter III would fall somewhere in the middle, as there is time compression and crew management but the player orders their crew to perform the individual functions on the boat.

Wolfpack is even more realistic as there is no time compression and each player must man individual stations in question so as to operate the sub as desired. The upshot is the game feels more realistic than any of its predecessors.

Wolfpack is said to be developed by Silent Hunter III players for SHIII Players so, if you like that game, you should really enjoy wolfpack. There are some key differences though and speaking as a longtime player of SHIII, I'd like to set your expectation with some information...

While the game is advertised as operating a U-boat with a team of your friends, you should be aware that it is entirely possible to do this SOLO!<\/b> You may likely expect that this isn't possible because the target detection system in SHIII is so delicate but you should expect that this is different in wolfpack. In SHIII it almost feels like you need to do everything in your power to avoid being spotted while trying to solve torpedo solutions. Much of your setting up of shots in SHIII is done at periscope depth or awash getting as close as possible to get even marginally workable figures for your solutions. In Wolfpack, this is not the case, you can take your time and comfortably jog along side a convoy at range but still be able to get good numbers for the torpedo solutions, all the while being fully surfaced!

At first this was a troubling feature that I considered complaining about but that takes me to the next difference. I mentioned that there's no time compression... While this also adds to the realism, this also makes the task of traveling large distances in real time, require real-time to be invested. I realized that this would not be desirable for a game with a drop-in style lobby system with a gameplay style designed to play out a single session in a hand-full of hours. (For the moment apparently) that takes searching for convoys off the table. The game spawns you with a convoy somewhere randomly in the immediate area. So you can think of it like, the game simulates the events that take place once a Wolfpack discovers the convoy, I suppose.

So that explains why traveling awash instead of full surface while hunting a convoy isn't done... Currently in the game, traveling awash absolutely reduces your chances of being detected but the associated speed reduction is a really big issue because it amplifies the time it takes to setup a shot significantly. This makes games end up taking quite a lot longer than necessary. To compensate for this, the game is easier on you than it should be while the convoy is not spooked (so you can get into position faster). I feel like this is a tough trade-off that's being balanced. I'd really like to see more games being played making use of the decks awash mechanics but the way the game is right now, it feels overly easy to sneak up on a convoy so this is not necessary.

Similarly there are some differences with the way the hydrophones work which allied shipping has. In SHIII warships using hydrophones can easily detect you unless you are traveling at the slowest of speeds. Again there's been some compromise apparently because you can travel faster while submerged before being heard. I can see that the developers are still in the early days of the game though and as additional mechanics and elements to the game are added there may be more use for the already-existing 'reduce engine speed by 10' setting which works but doesn't seem to be necessary to escape from searching warships.

Unfortunately, with the hydrophone dynamics the way they are, once a warship travels over top of you and their angle of sonar sweep no longer can reach low enough to ping your sub such that the warship loses contact with your sub, their hydrophone operator will not hear your sub even if you are traveling at one setting above the slowest speed (and there are mechanics in the game which still allow your sub to travel even slower).

So I came into some of these online games, thinking I'd be all cool because I know that a good way to evade enemy warships who are direct pinging while submerged is to travel full speed in one direction, wait until pinging stops (Lost sonar contact due to being directly above and likely dropping depth charges) then All stop, and right or left full rudder and then COAST through the turn to 90 degrees right or left. Coasting is silent and allows you to travel a reasonable distance away, enough such that you can then engage engines (or in the case of this game, a single engine) at dead slow, -10, -10. Which would allow an undetected ship to move away. However unfortunately, I have played on the hardest difficulty with some of the best players I could find, and nobody does this because it isn't necessary.

C02 levels are not simulated. This is because it would take a real-time day to require surfacing and no game is intended to be played that long (I presume). Simlarly, fuel isnt modeled as this is not needed.

Presently many of the rooms are missing but these too are not necessary for core gameplay at the moment. Right now, you have what you need - the radio room, the control room, the conning tower, the bridge and the decks. Engines are controlled via the telegraph but I expect there will be other rooms coming.

There's some other differences but they're really minor such as obs scope only goes fully up and fully down or having independent control over the 2 individual screws your sub has. Or there being no neutral\/friendly shipping.

On the whole here, I'm being pretty critical of Wolfpack but you should understand that this is because SHIII is firmly ranked as one of my top 3 favorite games and any contender is going to be judged harshly. This game definitively takes the title and its still only version 0.15! Despite the little gripes I mentioned this game is absolutely amazing.

To those general gamers stumbling upon this title,<\/b> I'd like to speak a little bit to you folks as well because I absolutely understand the concern people have about manually piloting a 769 tonne weapon of war using analogue technology and trigonometry! Yes, you need to do some math to fully operate a u-boat effectively in this game but you really should look at that this way:

The community in this game at its core are a very unique group of people - wargamers, servicemen and enthusiasts. They actually have a FREE naval academy you can join to be fully trained to operate all systems on board a Type VII C U-boat. How cool is that?? Learn to operate a type VII C Today! ... Or don't! Because you can just limit yourself to operating the helm or even dive stations which are pretty straight forward - honestly everything is pretty easy except solutions and navigating which are arcane but manageable once you know how. So here's what I have to say to those of you intimidated by the hardcore-sim nature of this game - just avoid the nav or captain roles and you good!

To the developers: Thank you. it took a while for this wish to manifest but here it is. Please ensure you find ways to keep the content train chugging. The more this game is fleshed out, the better and more firmly it will be entrenched in the top slot for this genre. Carpe Diem!

Also, granular realism settings please!(such as blow ballast makes noise, or more challenging detection rules visual\/hydophone). Wolfpack is a World War ii submarine simulation focusing on multiplayer. You control a group of German Type vii subs with up to five crew members per ship. As a team you spot contacts with the sonar, find an attack position, and engage enemy ships.

What sets Wolfpack apart is that you manually attend to every aspect of the ship. Nothing is automated: controlling course, speed, and depth, listening to contacts and tracking them on the map, estimating an enemy ship's range, speed, and heading---you and your crew members do the leg work. Also, the Type vii is a limited and, thus, demanding platform: when submerged the sub is too slow to overtake a convoy but when surfaced it is an easy prey for escorts.

Wolfpack is slow paced. Most of the time you observe the horizon as you travel towards a contact. But when you make your run, everything happens at once. Now, correcting the depth, estimating distances, and entering a firing solution can take seconds at most.

Despite some features still missing, Wolfpack is a fun and challenging simulation. It is not just about tactics but about traveling the North Sea with your friends.

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